Mike Caprio (mikecap) wrote,
Mike Caprio

Farm Shares - Week 02

No Piggery pork share this week, but the Paisley Farms share was a true haul - I got a basil plant!! What CSA actually gives you a living plant, I ask you?? An awesome one.

So in addition to this excellent basil plant (which smells very much of anise/licorice) I also received: a bag of red beans, my Omega 3 eggs, more/bigger rapini, a head of what looked like butter lettuce, red leaf lettuce, kale, miscellaneous turnips and radishes, more red mezclun, and some bok choi.

I plan to take some of those bacon ends from last week (which I dumped in the freezer for future use) and braise the kale and last week's chard together with them and a bit of vegetable stock. Salads of various combos of the greens will also be happening. I'm also going to take the turnip/radish greens and see if I can make soup with them. I'll probably also do a repeat of the sausage and rapini, but this time cook the rapini a bit more successfully. Not sure what my plans for the bok choi are... maybe try and make a little stir fry with them? I'll probably also roast some of those root veggies, though I've been slicing up radishes to put in salads.

That's all for now - tune back in next week to see what kinds of coolness comes in the next Piggery shipment! I sense that sausages will be in my future...
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