Mike Caprio (mikecap) wrote,
Mike Caprio

Semi-irregular Comics Mike is Reading

Batman and Robin - Seems like this is delayed for some reason. I still recommend picking it up though, it seems to be readily available as back issues on all the shelves (don't know why, it's a good book).

Top 10 Season Two - I think I hear crickets.

Red Mass For Mars - Wait a second... where the heck did all these comics go?

Walking Dead - If you haven't read this by now, you might want to just forget it and wait for the TV series they're producing based on the books. Otherwise, it's all available for you in convenient collections.

Anna Mercury - The last issue of this was pretty boss, and contained the "big reveal". Hopefully the next issue is coming soon.

Viking - Still liking this piece, but each issue feels a little disjointed from the last, and it's hard to understand the character continuity. It's a failure in writing, but I'm trying to ignore it and see where things lead.

Buck Rogers - I am really digging this book a lot. The writers are taking some really bold strides with their style, and readers need to work to keep up, but it's a rewarding story with some great art and design.

Doktor Sleepless - I'm wondering whether I should just ditch this book at this point. Warren, are you stretching too thin??

Gravel - If you hadn't heard, Warren Ellis's Gravel was picked up for a movie deal. Conveniently for you, the books are now available as collections, on shelves now!

Irredeemable - This "Superman goes nuts" story is still going well, and is now leading up to...

Incorruptible - I used to be derisive of Mark Waid, but lately he seems to be going back to his roots. BOOM! Studios is the label on this book and Irredeemable, and this latest entry is building the universe around his own superhero world gone wrong. The story here is of a villain who basically has a nervous breakdown when "The Plutonian" runs amok in Irredeemable; his reasoning is that, if the most powerful superhero has gone batshit, the end is nigh and survival is literally the only thing that matters and it's time to "step up" and save everyone (including himself).

No Hero - This book is done, and I'm glad for it. Warren needs more time to work on other things.

Ignition City - Another Ellis book that is finished, and also glad for it. Would have liked a little more in the ending myself, but this seems to be Warren's style these days.

Incognito - Ended VERY well. I really hope to visit this world again soon!!

Supergod - Warren's latest: what happens when we actually create godlike superhumans? A take on dystopic Singularity... since the first posthumans are beyond our understanding, our expectations and interactions with them are completely off the mark. They're not here to save the world, they're just going to destroy it.

Astonishing X-Men - Ellis has been doing a sporadic run on this title, and it varies in quality; it has held up okay, but again he seems to be working so hard on so many things that his entire work overall suffers. I'm sticking with it though.

Thor - For some reason I haven't been mentioning Thor enough. JMS of Babylon 5 and Rising Stars fame penned an excellent run of the book, and now he's basically all wrapped up with it - but the new team has completely picked up the ball where he left off, and it was such a seamless transition I didn't notice JMS wasn't on the book. If the JMS run is collected now (I'm not sure I haven't been paying attention), go pick it up!

Superman: Secret Origin - if you liked the Geoff Johns Superman, you need to pick this series up. It's excellent stuff, it synthesizes all the best things about Superman mythos into a coherent and enjoyable story. Geoff's Superman is to me the definitive Superman.

Punisher MAX - I think this is basically the only MAX book left out there, but it's totally worth getting. Steve Dillon of Ennis/Dillon and Preacher fame is the artist, so it takes me right back to the good old Ennis/Dillon Punisher days. And the first arc is all about Punisher versus Kingpin, so it's classic classic stuff.

POWERS - Oh hey, POWERS! Another new series? Is every issue of POWERS issue #1 now? Heck I don't care, just keep making the damn books!

Graphic Novel BONUS: R. Crumb's The Book of Genesis Illustrated! I finally got a copy of this, after the first printing completely sold out all over the universe. It is literally every single work of the first book of the bible, chapter and verse. And I've never read the whole thing, so it just goes to show you that I will literally read ANYTHING if it comes in comic book form and is well illustrated. All I have to say is: there was a whole lot of begatting going on in those early days, when people lived for like a thousand years or so.
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