Mike Caprio (mikecap) wrote,
Mike Caprio

More Singularity Summit 2009 Notes


When digital consciousness is achieved, and people can make copies of themselves, they'll be able to synthesize myriad individual experiences into a single meta-self. This meta-mind will exist like a carrier wave that can either house in a central repository and work on the job of filtering and synthesis, or float among its multiple consciousnesses to experience life in real time. The individual mind at that time can be said to have meta-consciousness, or to be m-conscious.

Additionally, life recording and lifelogging will allow people to directly share experiences. When full HD video, audio, and portable fMRI and other sensory apparati make it possible to fully document experiences and feelings and thoughts about experiences, and those experiences are copied and shared, m-minds will incorporate the lives of others into their own. People will be able to know the intent of artists when experiencing their works, they'll have empathy on a level never before known; and through the filters of multiple consciousnesses, they will be able to comprehend various experiences in multiple ways. This is the future of culture - directly experienced meta-culture, and selves incorporating chosen pieces of others directly into their consciousnesses and m-consciousness.

Multiple m-consciousnesses of various configurations may also exist, but unless one goes through the effort of balancing the load between all of them equally, one m-self will be larger than all others. And it would probably also be desirable to have a single m-mind that contains all experiences from all conscinesses and m consciousnesses, simply to have that type of total synthesis available.

The most likely path to this scenario involves a combination of neurobiological engineering and synthetic biology integrated with electronic devices. Biological experience as encoded on neurons will be translated into digital electromagnetic signals for rapid translation and telecommunication. Storage media will be synthetic biological drives, external clusters of neurons with electronic interfaces to devices and biomechanical selves, and electromagnetic and photon echo interfaces for biological selves.

Periodically the m-self, or overself, will send filtered updates back down the line to its underselves; judiciously edited experiences that are appropriate for each underself. Relations between selves and m-selves will seem familial on the surface, and conflicts will surely arise, and may seem like a case of schizophrenia or disassociative identity disorder.
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