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The Dave Hill Explosion

The Dave Hill Explosion, to use Randee's turn of phrase, is "post-apocalyptic comedy". Imagine what the survivors of the Apocalypse would do to entertain themselves, and you pretty much have the talk show that is The Dave Hill Explosion.

Alternately, try and imagine Napoleon Dynamite all grown up and hosting a Wayne's World version of the Conan O'Brien show in his mom's basement. That is The Dave Hill Explosion.

Or, conversely, find yourself a Nazi mad scientist (preferably one who's just a head floating in a jar of vile fluids) and have him splice together the DNA of John Hodgman and Dmitri Martin and a moldy cheese sandwich and bombard the result with gamma rays. Then make him dress up and parade the resulting creature before you, while you sit in Napoleon Dynamite's mom's basement with eyes propped open Clockwork-Orange-style. This too is the Dave Hill Explosion.

Wear eye protection when you go to The Dave Hill Explosion. And don't expose your skin. I'm totally serious, s r s l y.